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What We Do

Full service FDM print shop



Our printers are ready to create all kinds of parts, models, enclosures, fixtures, and anything your creative genius can come up with!

From phone accessories to house hold items, pieces for hobbyists, wearable items, swag, or just something to show off to your friends.

Need help getting your scratch idea into a real world design? Many people have a great concept in their mind, written down, or even sketched on a napkin.

We can help you get that rough idea polished, and transformed into something ready to come to life!


Sanding, gluing, gap-fill, painting, more sanding, clear coat, and all of the processes involved in bringing your 3D printed object to completion. ….. oh, and did we mention; “sanding”?



Recent builds


Who We Are

My name is Craig Cone, and I am the founder and curator of all things SwiftProto.


For me, getting into 3D printing started with a curiosity, and quickly evolved into a passion, and pursuit. It was a very practical curiosity, as I constantly found myself in situations where my level of creativity and conceptualization was overcoming my ability to bring those concepts into the real world. We can all empathize with the frustration that accompanies dreaming up something brilliant, without being able to achieve it. 

When I really started to discover the potential of bringing my dreams into reality through the magic of 3D printing, my frustration quickly turned into a hopeful pragmatism. I realized that the science-fiction of yesteryear, has become the science-fact of today. I want to share this epiphany with you, and help you create your dream, goal, or idea into something important, personal, and useful. 

Getting an estimate is easy. Upload your 3D files using our simple online estimate form. You'll see your quote right away. If you like what you see you can pick your material and submit your order.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at  (503) 406-8181 to talk directly to us, or leave a message which we will return as promptly as we can.